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As Educational Institutions continue to look for ways to improve their value offering, Big Data and Predictive Analytics have quickly become influencing factors in improving the campus experience for students, both academically and socially. In this feature article, we discuss the role Predictive Analytics and Big Data play in modern education.

 Having switched focus from maximising semester enrolment numbers to increasing the rate of successful student graduations, Educational Institutions are under increasing pressure to retain and develop students. This change in approach is powered by the state officials demand for students who enter into Higher Education to earn a degree and also the student and their family who are also anxious about successfully graduating due to the financial commitment involved. Bearing this in mind, predictive analytics can be used to add visibility to educational progress on behalf of students, enabling them to proactively react to their development. 
The platform provides all such tools to improve the student continuation, retention and achievement.

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Preddictive Analytics

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