Key Features

Technolink is a robust system and can improve the institution’s performance by continuously monitoring their students’ performance and experience.

The system records all the key information for the potential students who show interest in studying in an institution. Admissions team can view all those records and can contact any such prospective students.

After the form is submitted, the applicant receives a notification confirmation the details of their assessment date.  The Admission Officer can assess the candidate’s application on the merits of documents submitted, tests taken and then decide as to either accept or reject the application. At every stage of the application an email correspondence is sent to that student.

All applicants who disclose a disability or have a criminal record on the application are referred to the relevant staff. This is to ensure if the relevant facilities are provided by that institution.

Once the staff is satisfied with all the documents an offer is sent by the system and all those documents are automatically stored on the system and an email/message is sent to the student accordingly. As stated previously, an email and message is sent at every stage for the student to be aware of their application activity.
Technolink also help institutions to continuously monitor the student performance using different tools. Technolinks has all those features that can enhance the student experience throughout their journey. The system also pays great attention to ensure effective student engagement.

Through this platform the institution can shape the policy in a different way that works better for their students and ultimately improve the performance.

Continuous attendance monitoring reports can be downloaded by the staff to see the student attendance. Attendance trends can be seen for the individual students and courses by weekly, monthly and annual basis.

Student portal is designed in a way where the students can view their admission documents, attendance, and results. This feature minimises and reduces the load for student support.

The students can request the letters such as council tax exemption, bank, status and any such documents online and the relevant staff can process accordingly.

As you can see from the image above, emails/messages can be sent to the students and are also recorded on the system.

The system also features from different level of user rights; this is to ensure that the relevant staff should be able to see the required information. The super admin should be able to assign such roles to the relevant staff members based on their role in organisation.

 Some of the main features include

  • Responsive and agile
  • Attendance Monitoring and alerts on daily basis
  • Automated attendance using the swipe card system
  • Examinations (Smart way to upload the results)
  • Effective way to communicate with the students ( this will keep record of all the communications through the platform i.e. email/ SMS)
  • Student finance
  • Academic calendar for a whole year
  • Quality monitoring calendar to keep track of all the committees
  • Alerts on students who require special needs
  • Personal tutoring records
  • Student Feedbacks
  • Timetables that satisfies the student requirement
  • Staff Performance and i.e. appraisals, contracts and KPI’s
  • Staff clock in and clock out
  • Level of access for individual staff members

The platform facilitates the administration department to record academic calendar key dates and monitor the quality assurance calendar to keep the track of all the committees.