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As most of us are aware, the education industry in UK is transforming and the institution’s performance is now based on the data provided to externals. This includes continuation, retention and achievements. The Digital transformation has led to the reconstruction and rearrangement of educational industry from traditional structure to digital format. The regulations from department for education, office for students, quality assurance, Ofsted & other external regulatory bodies are increasing on daily basis. The more and more data is required to view the School performance. Statistics are used to provide holistic overview of the organisation.


Recent changes in data privacy includes general data protection regulation (GDPR) and their main aim is to see how the data is handled.


It is nearly impossible to keep the records on excel sheets, complex systems those aren’t user friendly. This requires lot of manual work.


To achieve this goal and to have real time data, the administrator requires tools which are easy to use and view the statistics instantly.


Technolink platform is here to fill this gap. Our team is specialised with the members who have experience in academics, IT & administration in education sector. This includes both, further and higher education. We have developed the system which is cost effective and user friendly. The platform includes all such tools which will not only enhance the student experience but will provide tools to view the real time data.

Our Working Process









Keys to Success

The success of our company is dependent on our ability to:

  • Flexibility
  • Adapt software solutions with the change in education industry
  • Identify changes in the industry and integrate that in our system
  • Provide support when needed.

Our Team

We have a team from diverse backgrounds but most them are based in UK and EU. We are aware of the changes happening in education sector. Our team members have an experience in IT, administration and academics. This platform is created with the brain storming of all these members. We have tried our best to have all such tools which can benefit the staff, students and the policy makers.

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