Technolink provides educational based software solutions. We identify institution’s requirements and work with the team to create software to address these needs. The actual software is maintained on daily basis, we guarantee the customer the right solution.

Student Information System

SIS is a management information system for education establishments to manage student data.

Customized Datasets

Organisations can create and customize the data sets in any particular format. Administrators can provide such reports to higher management in order to help in decision making.

Attendance Monitoring

This feature helps to boost the student attendance and monitor attendance on daily basis. The system is designed to assist departments in the collection, storage and analysis of attendance monitoring data relating to students.

Predictive Analytics

The staff will have the ability to view the real time data for individual or all active student profiles. This help institutions to initiate engagement early and make critical corrections for better student outcomes.

Human Resource Management

The platform provides real time data to manage and to provide better understanding of their staff members. You will have an option to keep the contracts, renewals, personal information and other information at one place.

Flexibility and full time support

Our services include full time support for our customers. The customers can contact via email in the working hours.

Increase the student number without compromising quality

Student Portal

The portal allows the student to manage and review his records. The students can request the letter online and an alert will be sent to the staff for review. Some of the other functionalities include

  • Online Results
  • Student Timetable
  • Attendance
  • Documents

Student App

The student app is created for the students in order to track their performance. Another feature in the app includes the marking of attendance without signing paper registers, carrying fobs or any other external devices. 

The students can also request leave of absence, authorisation leave, explanation of any absence or to book an appointment with the attendance officer

Academic Calendar &Quality Assurance Monitoring

The platform can create academic calendar based on the awarding body. The organisation can manage the induction, recruitment, exams, mitigating circumstance, appeal and all the other key dates.

Most of the organisations struggle to monitor the key dates of committee in order to monitor the quality. Technolinks fill this gap so that the organisation can monitor the quality using this feature.

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